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Generally, women are sensible. They like soap operas, watch erotic movies and cry if their favorite sex toy breaks. They need attention, care and love. These things make a woman feel the same way you do when you allure the sexiest chick from a buddy’s party.
Women like to hear special words that make them more satisfied and thus, predisposed to you. So, once you separate a woman from her delicate underwear, be aware of what you say.
"I want to make you feel gorgeous."
This is an effective and simple method to assure her that everything is going to be ok. She has to be convinced that going to bed with you is the right decision.

"I am crazy about those sounds you make when you climax."
I love when my partner moans, groans and makes other sexy sounds. I am keen to have sex with a loud woman. Vocal attitudes of a woman help me know if I please her. So, a man might encourage his partner to turn up the volume. If she is silent, then what is the difference between her and a camouflaged sex toy?
"I am eagerly to kiss every cell of you."
A woman likes to be pampered, caressed and spoiled. She loves foreplay and that is why she will appreciate your seductive start.
"Honey, your skin... It is so smooth"
This compliment will please each woman. Usually a woman spends a lot of time on rubbing her skin with different butters and scented lotions. It is the very moment to appreciate this strange ritual and give her a deserved compliment.
"I love your sexy butt, (breasts or other body part)."
If she is really proud of that body part, express your desire to caress, kiss; mention how much you do like it.
"I've never felt like this before."
Each woman wants to be special, unique and differ from your ex-lovers or sex toys. And if she does something to make you feel really great, just tell her. Say it frankly and passionately.
"I love your taste. I could stay down here for millenniums."
By saying this you assure her that her genitals aren’t smelly and you enjoy giving her oral sex. Thus she will become more confident and relaxed.
"You're so good at…" or "I love it when you do…"
These will boost her comfort and ego. Besides, she will take some notes on how to make you more pleased further.
Remember the phrases mentioned above and adjust them to your relationships. Whatever you say, choose your words wisely. Remember she is not a sex toy!  

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Valentine's Day is usually an event, especially for couples. This day is about love, passion and gifts. Cookies, funny sex toys, delicious sweeties and delicate underwear, jewelry, plenty of balloons shaped as red hearts,etc... And from all this stuff a man should choose the most desirable and memorable gift for his women. It's quite a difficult task!
And while your friends are complaining about having to choose a special gift for Valentine's Day, you are staying comfortable in the armchair and complain about being alone.
But if you are a single man, you can easily make this day pleasant and interesting. I suggest you some ways to spend the Valentine's Day fantastically.
Treat yourself like a diamond. Get yourself that classic Armani suit you've seen this week or purchase your favorite silicone based lube from a sex toys store. Go to a spa and get a relaxed massage. Feel good about yourself!
Have a bachelor party
Invite your single buddies and have a great bash. Enjoy disco music, some cocktails and make the night incredible.
Call up your friends
You could bring your buds together and go for a drink, music and dirty jokes. So, who said you need a Valentine to have fun?
Veg out
If you are tired of work and need some rest, then bring home your favorite meal and beverage. Rent some movies you've always planned to watch. Do whatever you want and need to caress your body and soul.
Hang out with a pleasant woman
Spend this day with a girl you like. Who knows, maybe two lonely souls could become one?
Make this day yours! Add fun, joy and happiness into your bachelor Valentines' Day! But if you don't want to spend the next Valentine's holiday alone, then chase the loneliness away! Find a lady that will eagerly make you forget about your selfishness, old sex toys and life of a singleton.

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My girlfriend is a bisexual. Firstly I was against her sexual games with women. Later I have noticed that this situation doesn’t bother me anymore. Contrarily it makes me feel relaxed: my girlfriend is more satisfied and our mutual relationship strengthens.
Next week is my girlfriend’s birthday. I decided to give her a sex toy she could use with her girls during their games. I went to sex shop nearby. I was truly amazed of what I’ve seen. I touched an outrageous world full of sex toys differently shaped and sized. The rainbow of colors and the scented odor spread in the air made me feel comfortable and curious.
There were so many sex toys available that I was astonished, and could hardly choose a special one for my girlfriend. The shop assistant showed me some battery-powered toys, and namely the Fukuoku Massage Glove. It was the first adult toy I've ever touched! It contains tiny vibrators in each fingertip with over 45,000 vibrations per minute. Amazing! But my girlfriend already has a Jessica Rabbit vibrator and a wireless Remote Control vibe. I am sure she doesn’t need any of these battery-powered toys.
The shop assistant told me lesbians often ask for anal and G-spot vibes. But as far as I know my girlfriend doesn’t practice anal sex.
They showed me vaginal balls and dildos, nipple clamps. I found a lot about essential aphrodisiacs, erotic smoothing feathers, etc. But I was striving to find something special.
I took a glance over a superbly crafted box – “The Naughty Travel Kit”. The fancy kit included a blindfold, candles, lube, body balm and an extra erotic ingredient: a feather! I was imagining how I would trace this feather over my girlfriend’s body touching her erogenous zones and intimate spots. I thought we could play a sexy game using this incredible kit. In my opinion, it could boost our passion. I purchased it hoping she would like it.
So, I recommend guys to pay attention to these subtle and delicate things we usually ignore. Namely they are able to arouse passion, to help us, lazy guys during foreplay, to make women experience pleasant sensations and unforgettable moments.
My goal was to purchase a device to make my girlfriend enjoy her lesbian games even more. But I avoided ordinary sex toys and opted for an elegant box full of erotic stuff. Yes, I am selfish. But I appreciate our mutual relationship more than my partner’s hobby. Actually she is the one to decide who is the lucky partner.

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Several Asian countries tried to keep carefully in secret a way of increasing couple's sexual pleasure during the intercourse. However, it was divulged to a certain extent.

Some women have launched a profitable business stemmed from this secret. For instance, in some Far Eastern countries the foreign men tourists are offered the possibility to participate into some demonstrations that might mostly interest the women. The demonstration itself refers to the invitation of several young women on a scene in order to fascinate the public by smoking calmly a cigarette, puffing a pipe or a cigar.

And what is here unusual? - These girls hold the very pipe, cigar or cigarette in their vaginas. They smoke them contracting and relaxing the muscles around their genitals.
And this is not all. Sometimes the women can easily sip a beverage through a straw whose one end is introduced in the glass and another one in vagina. But the most convincible case is when a woman held a pencil in her vagina and tried to write verses. And she really did it!

This great woman's ability demonstrates her she can control almost completely the muscles around vagina. By practicing and training, a woman is able to control consciously the muscles, allowing them pumping, pressing and squeezing skillfully partner's penis or other sex toy.

A woman is able to intensify erection and increase man's sexual arousal by contracting the external sphincter muscles. At the same time, she stimulates vagina's sensible nervous endings increasing, thus, her pleasure. During contraction, the muscles extend the clitoris, contracting it when relaxing. This is an equivalent to the constant clitoris massage.
A woman is capable for massaging delicately and rhythmically man's phallus from its base to tip. Firstly, she contracts skillfully vagina's superficial muscles, and then the more profound group. Woman could also reverse the directions of her stroking, massaging the penis from its top to the base. Sometimes this is quite sufficient for helping a man in reaching a volcanic orgasm.

Women can exercise and develop muscles' functionality using sex toys. Vaginal balls, for example represents the most popular women's sex toy designed for exercising vagina's muscles. The connected with a thread 2 balls stem from Ancient Chine. The balls are made of different materials as latex, metal, vinyl, plastic, etc. This sex toy is used by women worldwide offering pleasure and effective training, at the same time.
Delight your further sexual life by practicing vaginal exercises using these dandy vaginal balls. You will notice what miracles your vagina and sex toys can do!

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You've probably guessed I am not going to speak about the participants of the famous sport game called "handball". I mean those handball players who like to introduce in vagina neither one finger nor 2, but the entire hand. Handball players introduce fingers one by one, with an attentive lubrication. Then they gradually insert their pressed hand and after all the entire hand. The sensations, especially, for the receiving partner are amazing.

Individuals can easily enhance partner's sexual pleasure by introducing a sex toy within anus. The pleasure doubles, thus making the receiving partner an incredible source of desire and energy.
Never so strange it sounds men also like to play the role of a handball player. Homosexuals, for instance, prefer another version of this game. They introduce the entire hand in rectum through anus.

Being rather small, if compared to the human body, a hand nevertheless, may be a real giant within man's rectum. This is not the most attractive thing for the individual's fragile anus. The thin texture of man's large intestine can be easily torn, causing pain, discomfort and even lesions. The latter ones could become a real focus of different STDs. A wrong or unexpected hand's movement within the receiving rectum could interrupt partners' play and make him/her unwilling to do it anymore.

Hand explores the tight place like a real penis or any sex toy. If you like your rectum to be stuffed, you can purchase the extra size butt plug or other anal sex toy. The satisfaction is guaranteed anyway. Do not forget, hands are aimed for other kind of occupations, including playing handball! A real one!

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Recently I've publicated a quiestionnary the main purpose of which was to  answer the question "What do people use sex toys for". It was published at 12 sexually oriented livejournal communities and here are it's results.
So, that is what we got:
What do people use sex toys for?
                                                                                                                     Total answers
Male masturbation                                                                                        87                                                    
Female masturbation                                                                                    176
Additional stimulation during sexual intercourse                                          128
Stimulation after ejacuation                                                                          36
For erection maintaining                                                                               42
For learning more about own sexual response                                           65
Anal stimulation                                                                                            64
Role play                                                                                                      41
For spicing up sexual life                                                                             97
For vaginal and penile excersising                                                              35

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Poll #885194 For what people use sex toys?

For what people use sex toys?

Male masturbation
Female masturbation
Additional stimulation during sexual intercourse
Stimulation after ejacuation
For erection maintaining
For learning more about own sexual response
Anal stimulation
Role play
For spicing sexual life
For vaginal and penile excersising
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Secret pleasure

Did you ever experience arousal and orgasm in a public place? Well, I do not mean sex in a public toilet or in a trying on room. Neither I mean women who suffer from (or enjoy??) persistent sexual arousal syndrome - a very strange disorder which can make a woman orgasm for up to 300 (!) times a day without any kind of sexual stimulation.

Here I mean pleasure got from hidden sexual stimulation. Do you think this is impossible? If you think so, than you certainly have never enjoyed playing with some sex toys which can be used anywhere: they can be enjoyed while walking, shopping, cueing or doing something else. I tried some and I do want to share my experience with you.

I do love sex toys, actually I have an entire collection of various sex devices. There are dildos of various shapes and colors, vibrators of different types (most of all I love rabbit vibes and G-spot vibrators), anal toys (by the way, these sex toys made me love anal sex with all its varieties) and even some BDSM toys (though I do not feel like playing top and bottom with my partner).

Once an amazing thought came to my mind. I thought:" yeah, I have plenty of sex toys and I love playing with them both solo and with my boyfriend. But why shouldn't I get pleasure everywhere? Of course, it is quite impossible to play with a realistic dildo or with a traditional vibrator in a shop or sitting at the computer in the office without being caught. But still, may be there are some sex toys which can be used absolutely secretly?

I browsed the internet, spoke to some women and realized that at least three sex toys can be used wherever you are. These are vaginal balls, butt plugs and vibrating thongs.

Vaginal balls

Truly speaking I never tried vaginal balls but I do think I should buy some. This is a purely female sex toy. It consists of two (sometimes more) balls connected with a thread. The balls are hollow with small beads inside. These beads move thus creating very pleasurable vibrations.

What should you do with vaginal balls? Actually, everything is very simple. Just insert them into vagina and go wherever you want. While walking the balls will move thus stimulating your vagina and giving you enormous pleasure. And no one is going to be aware of sensations you experience!

By the way, this sex toy can be perfectly used for vaginal exercising. By playing with vaginal balls regularly you will improve your vaginal muscles tone! Do you know that good tone of vaginal muscles enhance sexual pleasure of both partners?

Enjoy secret pleasure and exercising simultaneously!

Butt plugs

Butt plugs are used for anal stimulation. They are similar to usual dildos, but they are shorter and thinner. Besides, butt plugs have a flared base intended not to allow the sex toy to be lost inside your body.

Some people love inserting the butt plug and moving it back and forward. Others enjoy the sensation of fullness in the anus during sexual intercourse. And many prefer simply to insert the butt plug and walk with this sex toy in the anus.
Do try a butt plug! Well, you can say you do not love anal sex, but you are very likely to begin loving it after trying this nice anal toy!

Vibrating thongs

These are one of the most amazing sex toys I ever saw! Actually, they are sex toys and lingerie at the same time. Do you have something like this? I don't but I will buy at least one thong of this kind.

This thong (or panty - this sex toy comes in a variety of types) looks like simple lingerie. But it only looks so! In fact such a thong includes a discreet vibrator which can be turned on with remote control. That's so amazing! You can put on the vibrating thong and make it work whenever you want! By the way, you can give the remote to you partner…and you never know at what moment the idea to turn your pants on will come to his mind! Sometimes expectation of pleasure can be even more exciting than pleasure itself!

Enjoy erotic sensations wherever you are….But do mind your facial expression!
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How women masturbate

Let us recognize this fact - women do masturbate. Though many men hardly imagine how they do that, there are plenty of ways women use to indulge their bodies with great erotic pleasure. Actually, female masturbation is mush more diverse than male. And this is quite natural as unlike men women have plenty of erogenous zones. Besides, they can experience a few types of orgasm, at least two ones - clitoral orgasm and vaginal orgasm.

This implies that while masturbating women can stimulate either clitoris or the vagina, or both - this depends on the type of orgasm a woman experiences. But before a woman begins stimulating her "main" erogenous zone she caresses her other sensitive zones - nipples, labia, or simply strokes her body with her tender palms. This makes one more difference between male and female masturbation - women have a very enjoyable prelude before getting down to "the main part".

However, you certainly wonder how they perform this "main part" which ends with incredibly strong orgasm? Well, they do that in plenty of interesting ways and use for this purpose great variety of objects. Let us see what these are.

What women use for masturbation

Fingers. Tender women's palms and fingers know how to give their lover's pleasure. Why should not they give enjoyment to their owner? A woman can stimulate her clitoris with fingers, she can insert a finger in her vagina and stimulate until she orgasms. There are no special techniques. Every woman perfectly feels what her body needs to get satisfaction.

Stream of water. Many women prefer to masturbate while taking a bath. They do that with a stream of water by directing it to the clitoris. Pressure and water temperature naturally depend on a certain woman's preferences. But keep in mind that water must not be too hot, otherwise you are likely to burn yourself.

Sex toys

Everyone who at least once went to a sex shop knows that there is plenty of cute female sex toys that can make masturbation (as well as partner sex) incredibly enjoyable. The of sex toy a woman uses depends on the type of orgasm she can achieve. Those women who experience clitoral orgasm use sex toys designed especially for clitoral stimulation.

What are these? These are clitoral stimulators of various kinds - clitoral teasers, clitoral pumps, clit kissers. These sex toys provide clitoris with enjoyable vibration which almost always results in very strong orgasm that cannot always be achieved through manual stimulation. Some women place the vibe above clitoris and enjoy vibration, others move it up and down. This is again the matter of taste.

Women who achieve vaginal orgasm or want to learn to achieve it use penetrativesex toys, such asdildos and vibrators. Here women have a very wide choice.

Those who love vibration choose vibes of various kinds - traditional vibrators, hands-free vibrators, egg and bullets vibes, G-spot vibrators and others.

Some women prefer dildos - these are phallus-shaped sex toys designed for vaginal penetration. Dildos, as well as vibrators come in various shapes, the cutest being flexible double-ended dildo that can be used for simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration.
Female masturbation is an entire world of new erotic sensations. Every woman is welcomed here!

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